The Different Equipment That You Can Find in a Dental Clinic

The Different Equipment That You Can Find in a Dental Clinic

Posted by Dr. Hirato on Mar 17 2022, 04:21 AM

It is vital to ensure that the clinic has the right tools to do its job more efficiently and effectively. Different tools and equipment in the clinic are necessary for running a successful clinic. It helps in providing a pleasant experience for the client. 

The following are some of the basic equipment found in the dental clinic: 

  • Dental Examination Mirror 

The mirror paves the way for the dentist to examine the oral cavity of the patient. It not only allows for direct viewing but also permits indirect vision techniques. Though it is small, it is highly practical for visual examinations. 

  • Dental Lights

Dental lights enable the dentist to see the deepest and the darkest cavity. It enables seeing the patient's mouth more clearly. It is usually mounted above the patient's chair. 

  • X-Ray Machine

It is critical for the dentist as it is used to correctly diagnose an issue. It instantly shows the image on the computer screen, allowing the dentist to know what the issue is. It helps to improve the treatment in the clinic. 

  • Forceps

It is used by the dentist for a multitude of tasks. They are used to transfer small objects to the oral cavity, to separate tissue, and to hold them together. Surgical, ligatures, and hemostatic are some of the different types of forceps. 

  • Pliers

These are used especially in orthodontics and in the laboratory for a multitude of treatments. It allows cutting through wires and dowels, bending hooks, etc. Based on the different functions, pliers vary accordingly. 

  • Probes

Probes are used to determine the level of bacterial plaque, caries, etc. It is a more classical instrument that ends with a long and thin tip. It is a practical dental instrument. 

  • Turbines

Turbines are driven by air compression instantly through the dental unit's hose. It is a rotary instrument that has the lowest torque but the highest speed. It is used to remove hard tissues. It is used for those works that encounter greater resistance to the treatment. 

  • Straight Handpieces

These rotary instruments are not used inside the mouth. They are always attached to a micro motor. They may or may not carry light and are used to refine the prosthesis. 

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