What Oral Health Issues Can Dental Crowns Treat?

What Oral Health Issues Can Dental Crowns Treat?

Posted by Misako Hirota on Mar 18 2023, 12:17 AM

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are dental restorations that are used to cover damaged teeth. When you decide to get dental crown treatment at M.Hirota, DMD, your dentist will first prepare the tooth in order to fit the crown. This will involve removing any damaged or decayed parts of the tooth, along with filing it down to ensure a proper fit. Then, they will create impressions of the affected tooth to send to a dental lab to fabricate a custom crown. Then a temporary one will be placed over the treated tooth to protect it until the new one is ready. Once the new crown arrives, your dentist will once again make sure it fits properly before permanently cementing it in place to complete the restoration process.

Crowns are used to treat a number of oral health issues, including the following:

Tooth Decay

One of the most common oral health issues people tend to deal with is tooth decay and cavities. A dental crown can protect a tooth from further damage, like cracking or breaking, which can happen when decay reaches the inner portions of teeth. Plus, since porcelain crowns look nearly identical to natural teeth, patients don’t have to worry about hiding their teeth while smiling or talking.

Cracks and Chips

There are a few reasons why patients may need a crown, including cracks or chips in teeth. A crown can help improve the appearance of a tooth and protect it from further harm. It can also help restore the tooth’s chewing function and comfort. Dentists may suggest crowns for patients who experience pain from cavities or patients who have recently had a root canal done and need to restore the tooth’s strength and appearance.

Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns can be used to repair teeth that are cracked, broken, or worn down. They can also be used after root canal procedures to strengthen and protect your natural teeth.

When a tooth is completely damaged and cannot be saved with a filling or other restoration, dental crowns are a good option. They can be used either to replace the entire tooth or just the top portion. In order to replace the whole tooth, a crown will need to be custom fabricated to fit over the abutment of the missing tooth. A crown can also be placed over a dental implant to provide a stable and natural-looking replacement for a missing tooth. 

Broken Teeth

Tooth fractures happen when a tooth is damaged due to decay, trauma, or biting into something hard and sharp. The fracture can happen on the enamel of the tooth or on its root. A crown is a natural-looking restoration that will cover the entire visible portion of the tooth above the gumline to repair or replace the healthy part of a broken tooth. With proper care, your dental crown could last a lifetime!

A visit to your dentist in National City, CA, is the perfect way to start your journey to better oral health! Call M.Hirota, DMD, at (619) 474-4695 today to schedule your next appointment or make your next new patient appointment online. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthier, happier smile!

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