Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Your teeth are prone to damage and decay. The factors like injuries, accidents, tooth decay, and lifestyle habits damage your teeth. In some cases, they also lose their shape and size. When you visit our clinic to treat such teeth, we recommend the use of dental crowns. 
Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that we place over your teeth. They are a popular restorative option that alters their shape, size, strength, and appearance. We cement them into place, and they cover your teeth’ visible portion. 

Why Do I Need Dental Crowns? 

  • A dental crown helps to protect your weak teeth from breaking. They also help to hold the cracked parts of your teeth in place. 
  • Crowns are used to restore already broken teeth that are worn down severely. 
  • Crowns help to support and cover your teeth with large fillings where a significant part of the tooth tissue is removed. 
  • Crowns hold dental bridges in place. They are also used to cover severely discolored or misshapen teeth. 
  • We often use this procedure after dental implants. 

What are the Different Types of Crowns? 

Full Metal Crowns 
They are made using metal and are a durable option to consider, and can bear all kinds of pressure while eating. 
Porcelain Crowns 
They are a sought-after choice for all those who are allergic to metal. We use these crowns to cover your front teeth. They are made using dental-grade porcelain material. 
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns 
The inner lining of such dental crowns is metallic, and their outer layer is made using dental-grade ceramic material. 
CEREC Crowns 
They are the most advanced version of crowns created to suit your aesthetic needs. CEREC crowns have become a fine replacement for traditional crowns. These crowns are made using ceramic. Most of them can be prepared on the same day of the initial appointment. 

How are Crowns Applied? 

  • We will take an X-ray of your teeth to examine them and prepare the dental crown. We will also discuss the type of crown that you may want for the procedure. 
  • The outer layer of your teeth will be filed down and removed, and we will make an impression of the trimmed and surrounding teeth. 
  • A temporary crown will be put over your teeth to protect them from the external elements. Meanwhile, we will send the impressions to the lab to create your permanent crowns. 
  • During your second visit, we will place the crown on your teeth and bond it firmly. 
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